Equipment / BENDING & TEMPERING EQUIPMENTS/ Batch type THBN or Continuous Type THCBN

Glass field

  • shower cabin, furniture
  • architectural, medium to small sizes
  • domestic appliances
  • automotive sidelights



  • production for either flat tempered glass or bent and tempered glass
  • no female mould thanks to a new technical solution, patent pending
  • with 2, 3 or 4 heating cells, oscillating type, or for even more continuous furnace


Bending System:

  • fast press bending system in line, press technology 1 2 or 3
  • radius adjustable cylindrical, multi cylindrical male mould, Press 1, 2
  • "J" "V" shapes moulds adjustable by mean of templates, Press 3
  • shape preserved in between press and quench, thanks to a new technical solution


Tempering System:

  • blowing walls shape adjustable, shape available on graphic monitor and data storage
  • blowing nozzles removable for the profit of angled blowing box for folded glass, (option), patent pending
  • blowing tubes with slots for follow up of the glass shape, patent pending


Glass Capacity:

  • flat glass 1050 x 2100 mm, min. glass thickness 3,2 mm
  • bent glass 1050 x 2100 mm from 3,2 to 8 mm, max depth 200 mm


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